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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Gatineau Tree Trimming & Pruning Service

Service for partial or complete pruning of the branches of a tree or shrub

Tree Cutting of Removal of Trees

Gatineau Tree Removal & Cutting Service

Service for cutting down trees that represent a danger

Stump Tree Removal

Gatineau Stump Removal & Grubbing Service

Mechanical stump removal service for safety or aesthetics.

Tree Removal Prevention

Gatineau Tree Removal for Security & Foresight

It is always preferable to plan the cutting of a tree than to have the unfortunate surprise of an accident.

  • When should a tree be cut down? When the tree is no longer healthy, dead or harmful around your property.
  • How is a tree cut down? It is rare for a tree to be cut down all at once, it is usually cut by section, for safety reasons.
  • How much does it cost to cut down a tree? The price varies according to the difficulty of the work, the size of the tree, accessibility of the tree, and the clean-up.

Gatineau Tree Removal Outaouais specializes in pruning, tree cutting, hedge trimming, stump removal, grubbing, and other related tree trimming and pruning services. Our territory coverage for Outaouais is Gatineau, Ottawa and all other surrounding municipalities.

Tree cutting is always done safely. The removal of heavy stumps is a demanding task and should be planned a few days in advance. Pruning is a service that our professional pruners are very familiar with and branch cuts are always picked up before leaving, such as pruning cedar hedges and cutting dangerous trees.

We are proud to help our customers find the most appropriate solution for their tree problems, whether it is diagnosis and treatment, trimming, pruning trees or branches, trimming hedges or completely removing a harmful or dangerous tree. Gatineau Tree Cutting Outaouais is your solution to hire a professional tree maintenance company.

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