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The pruning of trees and shrubs is much more than just pruning branches. Tree pruning is an art based on scientific principles of plant physiology. At its most basic level, the work consists of removing damaged sections of the tree, cutting dead or structurally weak branches, which will improve the health of a tree and reduce the chance of physical or material damage caused by falling branches.

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The professional pruner has the ability to make the tree safer and more attractive through growth pruning. Proper pruning promotes growth, improves plant health, repairs damage and helps to add aesthetic appeal to a tree. Proper pruning is critical, as it is possible to damage a tree through negligence or improper pruning.

The pruning of trees is certainly one of those tasks that are best left to professionals. From the point of view of plant safety and health, tree pruning should always be done by competent and experienced professionals. Pruning trees can be dangerous for people without proper training and equipment.

Regardless of the type of pruning being carried out, there are particular standards followed by tree maintenance professionals involved in pruning operations. These standards were developed by the American National Standards Institute and are referred to as “ANSI A300”.

Some of the more important guidelines for basic pruning operations under ANSI A300 include:

  • Do not leave the pieces of wood laying around
  • Limit or eliminate unnecessary cuts
  • Do not make full cuts
  • Do not cut more than 25% of the total growth in a single year, except by obligation
  • Do not damage other parts of the tree when pruning
  • Do not use paint on the cut
  • Do not cut without reason

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